Low Poly Vehicles and Terrain

In a total departure from the uber-detailed cathedral project, I've been working on some low-poly stuff. The (currently untextured) wheeled vehicle is loosely based on the Russion SA-9 Gaskin SAM launcher and has about 1100 polys. The chopper isn't based on anything but probably resembles a Comanche more than anything else. It's partially textured and weighs in at only 556 polys.

The terrain is a plane with a Displacement Map for the geometry and a Falloff map for the texture, made using a great tutorial from CG Architect.

Next on the agenda is learning Max's new Particle Flow system and creating guided missiles, tracer fire, and explosions. Eventually I hope to produce a short animation featuring a battle between the SAM and the chopper.

It's always the one you don't see that gets you