Homemade Power Rack

Materials List:

- 48 feet of 2 x 2 inch 3/16 thickness steel for main body of rack
(comes in 24 foot lengths)
- 10 feet of 3/4 inch rod for safety bars and T-Bar handle
- about 18 feet of heavy 1" pipe for dip bars, plate rack and T-bar handle
- about 9 feet of 2 x 1/8 flat iron for cross-member flanges and plate rack
- about 30 feet of 1.5 x 1.5 steel for crossmembers and DB rack
- 20 feet of 1.5 inch angle iron for DB rack
- assorted nuts and bolts
- 1 can black spray paint, 2 cans red, 1 can primer

About half the steel was scavenged, the rest was bought. Total material cost was $88 (Cdn.)

Tools Used:

- Cutoff saw
- Bench grinder with buffing wheel
- angle grinder
- drill press
- welder
-hydraulic press

Space efficient or just crowded?

front view with dip bars and T-bar

I made the rack as roomy as I could, so it looks a little spindly. There's no shortage of strength since the wall thickness of the steel is much greater than regular home gym equipment. The weight capacity can be increased if necessary by drilling out the holes to allow 7/8 or 1-inch safety bars; I doubt I'll ever need to.

Dip Bars

The dip bars are welded to sleeves that fit over the safety bars and lock into place using set screws. This way they can be adusted in width as well as height, and removed when not in use. Placed at the top, one can be used as a chinning bar, or both can be used for parallel-grip chins.

T-bar handle

The T-bar handle uses a sleeve that fits over a standard 1" barbell. The other end fits in a swivel welded to the bottom crossmember (pic didn't turn out). The bars connecting the handles to the sleeve were bent 90 degrees in a hydraulic press.

clip pin in safety bar

Dumbell Rack

Yes, my dumbell collection sucks. I'm building it up slowly. Most of the adjustable handles are homemade as well, just bars with big washers welded on for inside collars. They'll hold enough plates to make DB's up to about 120 lbs.

Plate Rack -- Fear and envy my plastic Weider weights
Yes, those are actually plastic weights. Can't afford an Oly. set so I'm using whatever I can get my hands on for now. I've got the rack attached to a Tele-Post with hose clamps. If that doesn't prove strong enough I'll make some proper brackets.