Shadowcat Mech

A reproduction of the 45-ton Shadowcat from the Mechwarrior series. The textures are jungle camouflage converted from textures extracted from the game by the Mek Tek crew. They were intended to skin a mesh so the textures aren't great when applied to a brush. The arms, legs, torso, and feet are separate pieces to allow custom positioning.


Here's a low poly couch and coffee table. The couch is a perfect place to leave a rocket launcher or corpse to give your map that lived in look.


This is a forklift with a platform instead of forks, designed to act as an elevator. It's packaged in a mini-level so the textures will load as well. After loading the forklift level into the editor, select the brushes and copy them to the clipboard (via the edit menu in the top toolbar). Then load up your level and paste.

To use as a static brush, right click on the purple mover brush and select "Polygons--->To Brush." Now add the resulting brush as a solid, and delete the mover. Rebuild, copy and paste.

Computer console

Side ViewComputer Screens

A computer console with several screens, one of them animated. Again, it's packaged in a mini-level so the textures will load as well. The brush is a semi-solid to help keep node counts down.