Pharaoh Island

Update: Finally finished!

Download it here. You'll need an up to date version of the game with all bonus packs installed.

A few screenshots of the finished product:
aerial view obelisks galore inside view would you mess with this guy?

This is the first assignment of the Mastering Unreal Level Design 101 online course. The objective is to complete an Egyptian-theme level.

I chose a terrain-based level for two reasons -- first, to do something a bit different from the norm, and second to get experience using terrain which is essential for creating Onslaught maps for UT2004.

First WIP.

Basic terrain in place

The basic layout of the terrain is finished, with paths marked out with textures.


A little more detail

Added some stairs and passages for greater connectivity, as well as statues and obelisks. The clusters of obelisks mark weapon and powerup locations. The Ion Painter is at the foot of the big statue in the sun symbol -- it seemed appropriate.