Office WIP

Project Desciption

Here are the project instructions, for those of you who aren't in the course:

So, now itís time to get your hands dirty and really get in and play with max. For your Final Project, you will use what you have learned in this Module to construct a scene using only primitives. You are not allowed to convert your objects to Editable Polys or Editable Meshes. Make sure that the root object remains available at the base of the Stack. You may use any modifiers you wish.

For this Project, you will build an office scene that includes all of the following objects. As stated above, you may use only primitive objects (Standard or Extended). Be sure that you name every object in your scene. If any object in your scene still has its default name, you will automatically fail. These are the mandatory objects for your scene:

1. A room
2. Cubicle walls
3. A desk
4. A lamp
5. A chair
6. A shelf full of books of various sizes
7. A pen
8. A pencil
9. A desk calendar
10. Two pictures on the cubicle walls
11. A small propped-up picture on the desk

You may add other objects if you wish. We understand that your scene will not look very convincing, as you will be using NO modeling tools. You may change the color of each object if you wish, but it is not required. Do not apply textures. Submit the completed .MAX file for review. Be sure that you are completely satisfied with your assignment before you submit, as only your first submission will be graded.

Renders just for fun (newest first)

some Symbiont materials

Symbiont procedural shaders on floor, tabletop, teapot, and corkboard, 1 skylight, 1000 rays per sample. Rendering time almost 7 hours. 1600x1200

1000 rays, no materials

No materials, 1 skylight, 1000 rays per sample. 1600x1200

1000 rays, Symbiont materials

1 skylight, 1000 rays per sample, 2 bounces, Symbiont procedural shaders on walls, floor, baseboards, desk, coffee cup, PC case, and chair. 168,360 faces, 15 hours 13 minutes to render (at only 640 x 480). 15 hours 13 minutes at 1600x1200

250 rays

No materials, 1 skylight, 1 omni (in lamp), 250 rays per sample. 1600x1200

raytrace material

All surfaces default raytrace material, 1 skylight, 1 omni (in lamp), 250 rays per sample. 1600x1200

1000 rays, procedural wood floor

No materials except for Symbiont procedural wood floor, 1 skylight, 1 omni (in lamp), 1000 rays per sample. 1600x1200

Renders According to the Rules -- No materials or lighting

office chair

keyboard and monitor

PC tower case

disk and pencil

mouse (still have to make the cord)

ballpoint pen

second cubicle w/desktop calendar