March 20/05

Dm-Phaoroh Island for UT2004 is released.


Mount. Erebus

June 23/04

Long time since the last update . . . I've been working on a UT2004 Onslaught map, working title ONS-Hades. It's a completely enclosed cavern about the size of ONS-Redplanet. The powercores reside in a rather unique setting:

Does this powercore scare you?

never trust a red-eyed sphinx

March 14/04

After a long, long, absence I've returned to the world of UT2003 mapping. Dm-PhaorohIsland is a work in progress for the Mastering Unreal Level Design 101 online course.

mmmm . . . low-poly goodness

Feb. 21/04

I spent a few hours making a couple low-poly vehicles and plopped them in a procedurally generated landscape. I'll use this scene as a testbed for learning particle effects -- can you say BOOM?

Feb. 11/04

And now for something completely different -- my Ultimate Diet 2.0 log. Most of it concerns how much pain I'm in, so you sickos should get a good laugh out of it. A link from the main menu will be added "sometime".

Ultimate Diet 2.0 is the brainchild of Lyle McDonald, noted authour, trainer, and dispenser of scorn. For more info, check out his site here.

Feb. 09/04

Another 3ds Max student project is afoot -- a cathedral.

Jan. 24/04

Updated the bathroom scene with new lighting, some Architectural materials, and a new tub (the old one got severely corrupted when I upgraded to 3ds Max 6).

looks expensive

Jan. 22/04

Added a quick-n-dirty texturing and special-effects job to the Mad Cat:

Chromed Cat

Jan. 18/04

My latest 3ds Max project: A Madcat Battlemech from Mechwarrior 3, modelled without using any advanced tools as another 3dBuzz student project.

Madcat BattleMech

Jan. 05/04

Updated the weight room with finished plates, an Olympic bar, and a power rack. Anyone who has used booleans in Max will feel my pain (and if not, you won't know what the heck I'm talking about).

Dec. 29/03

Links page updated -- everything consolidated onto one page and dead links removed.

New work in progress added -- a weight room.

Dec. 14/03

Yes, I'm still alive, though exams are doing their best to remedy that. WIPs from both the 3ds Max and UT2003 courses coming soon.

Oct. 16/03

Added another weird material

Oct. 14/03

Some weird materials I made after reading this thread on Threedy Forums.

Sept. 26/03

Updated: Oct. 14/03
More 3ds Max coursework. This time it's a bathroom.

Sept. 16/03


Works in progress for my 3ds Max online course project can be found here

Many of the map and file links are currently broken, since they point to the old Co30 website. I'll be fixing them "sometime". Most of the maps can be found via Google. If you absolutely must have one of my old maps (I can't imagine why) email me.

March 09/03