The Lazarus Conspiracy

This single player episode was intended to go beyond the extremely limited storylines found in most user-created missions. Objectives consisting of "escape the facility, kill the queen, and/or rescue the Nali priest" have worn pretty thin in my opinion. I envisioned something more along the lines of Deus Ex, where a simple combat operation gone bad leads the player to gradually uncover a vast and deadly conspiracy. The episode was originally planned to have about 10 levels, including a flyby, an industrial slum, a swamp, a hydro station, and a gruesome cloning facility. I was hoping to include a branching mission structure with at least 2 possible endings depending on the player's choices. The levels would also include many scripted sequences and destroyable objects, similar to the Half-Life series.

When I started making the levels, I quickly ran up against the limits of the both the game engine, and the game content. The engine didn't like the huge flyby level at all, and the creatures included with Unreal were very ill-suited to the storyline. I decided to use the Return to Na Pali expansion pack as a base, since it had a good human enemy, the Space Marine, which was integral to the plot. Na Pali also offered the Pack Hunter which I thought would be a great "urban vermin" type of enemy.

Sadly, just as I was getting into the construction of the episode my job took me away from home for five months, which pretty much halted my efforts. I decided to delay the episode until Unreal 2 came out, so I could use the new engine, enemies, and weapons to full effect and produce something much closer to my original vision.

Below are some pages of screenshots from a few of the levels I was working on. These are from very early revisions and the texturing and lighting are rudimentary at best.

Aerospace Terminal