Site Info

All graphics on this site are original creations by yours truly. I get all the credit and/or blame, depending on what you think of them. The graphics were done in Paint Shop Pro and the HTML was hand-coded in Notepad, except for some of the tables which were laid out in the Dreamweaver demo.

I relied heavily on the tutorials at State of Entropy Webgraphics and Design and this site, ummm, let's say it "borrows heavily" from that general design. I also used the great tutorials at Webmonkey for HTML and JavaScript.

A big round of applause goes out the the Co30 clan for their feedback, beta testing, encouragement, and invaluable support both technical and personal.

In case anyone's interested, here are my current system specs:

Athlon XP 3200+
Abit NF-7 motherboard
1 gig Crucial PC-3200
ATI Radeon 8500 video
Maxtor 80 gig hard drive