Hall of Heroes

A desolate crypt where the shades of fallen heroes stand watch . . .

A new Unreal deathmatch map featuring some new decorations and a new music track. The max polycount is around 250 so any decent system shouldn't have much trouble with this map. The layout offers everything from long-range sniping to tight curving corridors. And since so many people dislike the ASMD combo I've made the weapon a little harder to get to.

I'm pretty pleased with how the visuals turned out, there's lots of contrasting light and shadow, especially in the courtyard where the moonlight leaves some dark corners to hide in. The clouds pan quickly and the clock in the tower runs at accelerated speed to give a bit of a surreal touch.

The courtyard in the moonlight The clock towerUppermost crypt level Alongside the courtyardLower crypt