After the player boards the shuttle, it flys through a huge, winding river valley. This level is the maximum size allowed by the editor, and the engine didn't like rendering much detail at that scale. The shuttle flys under a bridge, past a reactor, over a dam, past an oil rig, then over a beach and past a dock where a cargo ship is unloading. Finally a terrorist fighter shoots down the shuttle, which sets the stage for the next level.

This level featured a lot of movers and interesting sights. Any non-interactie sequence like a flyby can really try a player's patience, so I tried to give them a lot to look at. For example, the loading dock in the 4th screenshot is only visible for a few seconds yet there is a lot of action going on in there as mechanical arms stack crates on shelves. The shuttle is surrounded by other aircraft and dives over moving ships and ground vehicles to prevent the "alone in an empty world" feeling that plagues the original Unreal.

Bridge, submarine, and reactor Offshore drilling rig Ship at the loading dock Inside the loading dock Hydro dam Seaplane prepares to take off