The Cathedral

Project Desciption

This a no-holds barred project. We can use any of 3ds Max's built-in tools, as well as 3rd-party textures. I'm loosely basing my design on the Amiens Cathedral. I say loosely, because it would take me a lifetime to accurately model the insane level of detail of the real thing.

arch and pillar

A relatively simple arch that will be copied many many times throughout the construction of the cathedral. I'll probably use different versions of this same arch in many places where the real thing has different arch designs, to save time. The pillar is an early test and has been replaced as you can see in the 3rd pic.

many arches and pillars

The same arch and pillar duplicated a few times to get a feel for the size of the building.

Lower Vaults

Here are some of the arches connected by vaults.

Triforium window

One of the triforium windows that line the walkway above the lower vaults.

everything so far

A few triforium windows in place above the lower vaults. Above each pair of triforia is a clerestory window that spans about 3 times the height of the triforium.