Bathroom WIP

Project Desciption

This is similar to the office project, with a few exceptions. We can use procedural materials (no bitmaps), and we can use sub-object manipulation as long as we don't convert the object to an editable mesh, poly, spline, etc. -- in other words, the base object must still be visible at the bottom of the stack. Regular and advanced lighting is also allowed

Required Items

1. toilet
2. trash can
3. sink
4. choose either home bathroom or public restroom
A. home bathroom must have a bath/shower
B. public restroom must have stalls and multiple toilets or urinals

Another Update Heeding the call for late submissions to student projects, I redid the lighting, rebuilt the tub, and took advantage of Max 6's new Architectural Materials. Lighting is still driving me mad but throwing out the fancy Light Tracer solution in favour of plain old Omni lights dropped the 1600 x 1200 render time from 48 hours to 15 minutes. If anyone's wondering, the soft shadows are just plain shadow maps sized 1024 with samples cranked up to 24 to blur the edges.

I also discovered why the reflections are overbright in the old renders. I accidentally turned on self-illumination in the mirror material. Doh!

new tub and shower

I just noticed I forgot to apply the paint material to the wall surrounding the glass blocks. It's not too visible here, but look at the 3rd pic . . .

other end of the room

It was just pointed out to me that the scales of the door, toilet, sink, etc are all out of whack. I originally modelled this room wildly out of scale, then tried to resize everything to physically correct dimensions to get an accurate radiosity solution. Tried being the operative word -- it's lost something in the translation.

Shower Closeup

The glass blocks that brought my system to its knees in the original render have very little penalty when rendered without the light tracer, yet still provide a very nice refractive effect. Discreet takes all the credit for the tile texture; I take credit for the lack of UVW mapping that distorts it. Believe it or not, those tiles are supposed to be square!

Hall of Mirrors

More wonky lighting -- I couldn't get the corners to light satisfactorily. I kept wishing for UnrealEd's "Bright Corners" checkbox. Max raytrace depth was 3 which is why the hall of mirrors effect eventually ends in blackness.

Vanity shot

No, the vanity isn't missing legs -- I just decided it was bolted to the wall. The bench has Queen Anne style legs just to be different. The wastebasket turned out very well given the project constraints and I'm even happy with the reflection in the mirror in this image (gasp!)

Update: I ended up not submitting this scene because I used some tools that may not have been allowed: XForm and Delete Mesh modifiers. Here are a few (bad) renders of the more-or-less finished product.


tub and shower

The tub and shower stall -- I have no lighting skills whatsoever, so I just threw in a skylight. Bad idea . . . with all the reflections and transparency it took almost 2 days to render at 1600 x 1200 and still looks terrible.

vanity, mirror, and bench

The vanity, mirror, and a bench that sits beside the hot tub. For some reason the reflections in the mirror are far too bright, making the lighting even worse than the last image (I think I was messing around with the rendering exposure settings and forgot to change it back).

toilet and sink

The toilet and sink. Again, the exposure is messed up bad.

yup . . . it's a chrome toilet

The toilet -- A simple line shape, lathed to produce the bowl, stretched, scaled and deformed into the proper shape, then heavily mesh-smoothed. The seat started as a tube, the lid as a cylinder; both were shaped with FFD modifiers and then mesh-smoothed. The flush handle was made from a simple box with several extrusions of the end face, then a scaled extrusion at right angles to form the handle. Mesh-smoothed, of course. Total polycount is 22,282. Walls and floor are the same Symbiont shaders as seen in the office project. The toilet uses a simple standard Blinn material, dark grey with a 70% raytraced reflection map. Rendered with 1 skylight, 1000 rays per sample, taking about 1.5 hours at 1600x1200

glass shower blocks

Here are some glass blocks I'm planning to use to construct a shower stall. Floor and ball are Symbiont shaders, as usual. The ball is just there to show the refraction of the blocks. The glass material is raytraced with a falloff reflection map. Rendered with 1 spotlight and light tracer. 1600x1200